CVSAS provides services for the School Bus Industry. We currently provide Loss Control and Safety services for 40 school bus companies. We have provided the Loss Control for two School bus Insurance Captives for the last 6 years and have served the school bus industry for over 15 years.

School Bus Services

Loss Control Surveys Safety and Compliance Assessments

Train the Trainer Programs Driver Training Programs

Safety Meetings
Compliance Training

Property Assessments School Bus Stop Assessments

Safe Boarding and Alighting of Route Assessments

Road Observations

Moving & Stationary Radar Operation Driver Hiring and Screening

Training Programs

School Bus Defensive Driver Training School Bus Defensive Driver Training

Driver Retraining Drug Use & Alcohol Misuse Training for Supervisors

Accident Review Committees Safety Committee Assistance

Accident Training for Supervisors Sleeping Child Prevention Training

Bullying Identification & Prevention Drug Use & Alcohol Testing Regulations (Drivers)

Bus Evacuations
Operation Secure Transport

Accident Handling (What to Do and Catastrophic Accident Protocol
What NOT To Do)

Dispatcher Training
Student/Parent/Faculty Relations

Dealing With problematic Students Wheel Chair Student Transportation

ADA Safety Sensitivity
Safe Backing

Inclement Weather Driving Avoiding Turning & intersection Accidents

City Driving Hazards
Highway Driving Hazards

Dealing With the Media Handling Passengers With Special Needs

OSHA Training

Hazard Communication Training Lockout Tagout Training

Personal Protective Equipment Training Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Safe Lifting
Avoiding Slips and Falls

Fire Extinguisher Training Forklift Training (If applicable)

Avoiding Electrical Hazards
Hot Work Training