INSURANCE PROGRAMS AND CAPTIVES CVSAS has numerous years of experience providing Loss Control Services for Insurance Captives, MGA Programs, and other Special Programs. Our experience includes a complete line of Loss Control Services for School Bus Programs, Long Haul Trucking Programs, Motor Coach Programs, Limousine Programs, Explosives Manufacturing and Transportation, Construction, Fleet Programs. CVSAS has provided the Loss Control Programs in numerous states including NJ, DE, MD, NY, PA, MA, CT, ME, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, WV, KY, TN, MN, IA, NE, MO, KS, MS, LA, CA, NV, WA, ID, SD, ND and TX. Our personnel can provide an in-depth Loss Control Survey and Evaluation of your Bus Companies, School Bus Companies, Trucking Companies, Haz/Mat Companies, Oil Companies, Warehouses, Explosives Manufacturers, Pyrotechnic Operation, or Propane Gas Companies. Our Loss Control Services evaluate the Insured or Potential Insured=s Safety Controls and Compliance Program to assist in the identification of exposure to risk. We can then provide customized pro-active solutions to assist in the implementation of a premier safety program, or to further enhance an existing program. CVSAS can assist the Insured in establishing a proficient Safety Program and Satisfy Compliance with State and Federal Laws. Our personnel provide an in-depth APre-DOT@ Audit and assist the Insured in preparing for a DOT Audit.We have several Programs to assist your Insureds in establishing Accident Countermeasures which include:

> How to Conduct an Investigation for Chargeability or Preventability

> How to conduct and Accident Review Panel

> How to conduct an Accident Hearing

> How to implement a Re-training Program

> How to establish a Safety Incentive ProgramWe also have Programs to assist in Countermeasures for Work Comp Programs including an analysis of the loss experience and recommendations to reduce the injury and incident frequency.

Our services include the following Training Programs:

> Train the Trainer Courses (for driver trainers, operations personnel maintenance personnel, and safety personnel)

> Accident Handling

> Drug & Alcohol Training

> Reasonable Suspicion Training

> Need to Know

> Haz/Com (Right to Know)

> DDC Courses

> Proficient Defensive Driving-Behind the Wheel training (tailored specifically for Trucks, Transit Buses, Motor Coaches, School Buses, Vans, Tractor and Trailers, tank transport trailers, LP Transport Trailer, Explosive Transport Vehicles, etc.)

> Inclement Weather Driving Seminars

> Workplace Safety Programs

> Mountain Driving

> Emergency Braking

> Pre-trip inspections (specifically tailored for type of vehicle)

> City Driving

> Highway Driving

> Haz/Mat Training

> HM-126F Training

> PPE Training

> Forklift Training

> DOT Compliance Seminar for Managers and Supervisors

> Hours of Service Compliance Training for Drivers and Supervisors

> How to perform a property inspection as required by OSHA

> Formalizing a Maintenance Program including P.M.=s, file requirements, Brake Adjustment Program, Defect Handling Program

> Train the Trainer sessions (behind the wheel) for Driver Trainers

> Bulk Plant Safety

> Safe Tanker Operations

> Construction Safety

> Safe Paving Operations

> Safe Excavating Operations

> Line Striping Safety

> Guide Rail Operations Safety CVSAS currently provides Loss Control and DOT Compliance Seminars for numerous Insurance Carriers. References may be furnished upon request.